Main Naujienos Markučių dvaras dalyvauja Lietuvos pilių ir dvarų asociacijos projekte

Markučių dvaras dalyvauja Lietuvos pilių ir dvarų asociacijos projekte

In the summer of 2022, the Castles and Manors of Lithuania will once again open the doors of their homesteads, gates of the parks and invite you to embark on a playful, yet very serious and mysterious journey through the castles and manors of Lithuania. The project will run and visitors who wish to take part will be welcome until 30 October 2023.

Castles and manors across Lithuania will invite you to come and unlock the doors of historic cultural heritage sites. There will be different types of manors to visit - those that have been restored, those that have been revived, those that are often full of cultural and traditional activities, and those that are still under restoration. Here is a piece of each of our past and identity.

Visitors will be able to receive symbolic keys at each of the sites participating in this year's "Explore Lithuanian Manors" („Pažinkime Lietuvos dvarus“) travelling project, collect them as signs of remembrance of the experience and take part in a game. The key is the symbol of the project, an allusion to a manor or castle, the hint of the possibility to open the doors to the new cultural heritage discoveries. By visiting Lithuanian castles and manors throughout the project, travellers will experience new inspirations and impressions, discover the activities that take place in castles and manors or the special aura that surrounds them, and at the end of the project, they will not only have a collection of great memories, but also the chance to win prizes.

Which manor house to visit has one of the longest pedestrian bridges in Lithuania, which manor park has water bodies in the shape of the founder's initials, which Lithuanian castle is a "pretend" castle, and which one is particularly imbued with a sacred spirit - all you need to find out is a little curiosity and a willingness to take a trip around our beautiful country.

Among the first objects, participating in the project this year – Biržų, Medininkų, Tauragės, Panemunės, Trakų salos and Trakų Pusiasalio castles. The first Lithuanian manors who will invite to take part in the game will be the manors Alantos, Antašavos, Aukštosios Fredos, Bistrampolio, Burbiškio, Ilzenbergo, Kelmės, Kuršėnų, Lipliūnų, Liubavo, Markučių, Paežerių, Paliesiaus, Plungės, Rokiškio, Tuskulėnų, Verkių manors.

The 2018 project organised by the Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association, together with Latvian and Estonian partners, inviting people to travel and explore the manors of Baltic countries in 2018 had a great success. There was a great response and questions about whether and when there will be another such travel and discovery game. It is indeed encouraging that in the summer of 2022, travellers are once again welcome and invited to unlock new doors to heritage sites that preserve the stories of the past.

To take part in the project, travellers need to visit the project's website and print out a traveller card. The card will also be available at each participating castle or manor.

At each site of participants visited, travellers will have the opportunity to receive a symbolic key - a sticker - as proof of their visit. The key is a symbol of a house, in this case a castle or a manor, which opens the door to various heritage sites.

Visitors will be able to collect stickers from each castle or manor in their traveller's cards. Those who collect at least 15 stickers will be entered into a lottery and the most active travellers will be invited to a closing event at one of the manors.

To participate in the raffle, travellers will submit their cards with the collected stickers to any of the participating castles or manors, send it by e-mail or post to the Lithuanian castles and manors association. One traveler can submit only one card.

Important: always to check the actual information about visiting time of the chosen castle or manor.

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Let the discoveries at Lithuanian castles and manors to become your travelling adventure!